Stephane Brooks - Spiritual Direction - Nashville, TN



The Christian pilgrimage is seldom undertaken alone. It usually takes a companion on the journey who is willing to:

     - support the pilgrim,

     - be part of a mutual process of discerning of God’s activity and invitations in the pilgrim’s life,

     - and hold the pilgrim accountable to the discernment.


As a spiritual director, I provide companionship on your pilgrimage; walking with you in the Spirit, supporting you, discerning with you, and inviting you to explore the path down which you are being called.


I basically join you in your search for God within God’s search for you.



One-on-one: These sessions are done in a home or office setting, over a meal or a drink, or even during a walk in a park or a neighborhood. 


Telephone, skype or similar technologies: This option is available if you are outside of the Nashville, TN area or if you simply prefer using one of these options.


Small groups: During these sessions spiritual direction or discernment is offered to 4 persons at a time.



For an appointment, please complete and send the request form, or call me at the provided number.

You will also download, complete and return (prior to or at the time of our first session) the following disclosure form.